The First Date.

Our daughter had her first real date on Saturday. See how it went down. 🙂


Birthdays are to be celebrated!

I’m a big fan of birthdays and I think they should be celebrated. I know not everyone likes birthdays or getting older, but none of us are going to live forever so it seems anytime we have an opportunity to celebrate ANYTHING, we should embrace it. Having things to celebrate, and people to celebrate, is … Continue reading Birthdays are to be celebrated!

The “Dad Bod” 😍

Every era seems to come up with their own slang, and the "dad bod' is a current term that has been granted my complete, and undivided attention. I was born in 1979 so I have been through several decades of slang. The 80's is my favorite decade and we (the 80's and I are in a committed relationship) … Continue reading The “Dad Bod” 😍