For The Love!

Happy Valentine's Day! Yesterday was my husband and my engagement-aversary. Hubs proposed to me 21 years ago, which seems like yesterday. Originally he intended to propose to me on Valentine's Day but he got excited and did it a day early. The fact that he was that excited to propose to me is sweet, and … Continue reading For The Love!


Find your tribe and love them hard!

I was at a women's conference a few months ago and it was during that conference that I felt inspired to write Invisible Pain. I'm new to blogging so I've only published 11 blogs so far. Invisible Pain was the first of my blogs that wasn't funny or light-hearted. It was raw and real and I … Continue reading Find your tribe and love them hard!

Who ate my jelly?😤

I don't know about your family, but I live with a bunch of people that want to eat on a regular basis. It's driving me crazy. I can pretty much survive on coffee, cereal, peanut butter and jelly, and wine, so this eating three meals a day and wanting constant snacks is just too much … Continue reading Who ate my jelly?😤